Banro Securities Limited (BSL) is engaged in private equity investments in the resources sector, with a
focus on green stage early “world-class” exploration projects. The company’s approach is to co-invest
and pre-invest with other partners in attractive projects.

The company targets green stage high quality metals exploration projects with an emphasis on gold and
base metals (especially copper, nickel and zinc), critical minerals, “green” minerals, strategic metals, rare
earths and EV battery metals such as lithium, graphite, molybdenum, nickel and cobalt.

 In addition, the energy transition due to Climate Change presents enormous opportunities for African critical minerals, “green” minerals, strategic metals and battery metals. 

These trends create considerable opportunities, as a supply squeeze is expected to create unprecedented demand. 

The company also structures Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) transactions, and Strategic Investments and utilizes Alternative financing structures, with reputable capital funding companies.

Banro Securities Ltd focus is on unique early investment opportunities.

The team’s superior networks, in addition to its on-the-ground geological experience enables it to focus on projects with lower risk but higher returns, within green and brown stage development. Banro Securities Ltd. prefers a “farm in and hold” strategy but may opportunistically exit as market conditions permit.

We still consider full buyouts, equity interests, strategic investments or controlling positions depending on the situation.

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