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We focus on helping clients to assemble a portfolio of foreign investments including international real estate, funding and acquisition of mining and exploration concessions, timber plantations, agricultural land, buying physical precious metals, critical green economy metals and other hard-money tangible assets through reputable capital funding companies. We also help clients to obtain a second residency and citizenship through such investments planning.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of foreign investments and international diversification. Ensuring that you receive the best possible advice and support. For example, there are only a limited number of countries that offer a direct route to citizenship based on investment and that have passed the due diligence.

Comprehensive Guidance

From start to finish, our experts provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. We regularly help law firms, private banks, family offices, and other wealth management professionals with the unique and specific details required for a citizenship and investment planning.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every client has unique needs, and we offer tailored solutions to meet those specific requirements.


We offer range of services.

Citizenship by Investment

In an unsettled, ever-changing world, acquiring an alternative citizenship is a wise investment decision. Citizens of many countries find it difficult to travel abroad due to visa restrictions,cumbersome application processes, temporary travel restrictions,trade sanctions, terrorist threats and other geopolitical disturbances.

Citizenship by investment programs offers wealthy individuals and their families an opportunity to legally acquire a new citizenship quickly and simply,without onerous, typical residence, work permits and citizenship application and approval processes.

Citizenship opens previously unimagined opportunities for in more personal freedom, privacy, and business.

Best offshore investments

We strive to introduce to our private clients the most cutting-edge and unique international investment opportunities available. We focus on assets such as real estate, agricultural land, timber, farming, precious metals, art, and other hard money tangible assets that will remain robust during times of high inflation and crisis.

Please understand we strictly work with accredited investors. We are not a licensed investment entity, and as such will not give individual investment advice, instead, we partner with licensed investment professionals and simply make our clients aware of these special hard-to-come-by opportunities.

Wealth Management

The specialized services of Banro Securities Ltd are a resource and complement to other firms that advise international private clients. International diversification is a time-tested route to true freedom. Wealthy people worldwide have used it for centuries to protect their money and families effectively.

Buying some physical gold, precious and critical metals. Both are inherently international assets and not under the control of any government. You are moving your money into foreign bank accounts, owning foreign real estate obtaining a second passport.

Structuring your cash flows so you're less dependent on any one country for your income. The goal is to create multiple sources of revenue from international investment opportunities and trends. Bonus diversification points, if you do all this through an offshore company, domiciled in a favorable jurisdiction.

Foreign Real Estate and Second Homes

Investing in foreign real estate provides many benefits including a safe place to live if necessary, diversifying out of your home currency, potentially huge discounts based on currency fluctuations, owning real assets instead of paper assets, potential rental income and price appreciation, plus owning real estate in a foreign country may be the best way to obtain residency and/or citizenship.

Offshore Trust or Private Interest Foundation

Offshore Trust or Private Interest Foundation for protection & privacy and a business entity protects an individual from lawsuits against the company, while a trust or foundation protects the business entity’s assets from lawsuits against your person. Setting up a structure like this offshore provides even greater protection from predators. They’re also fantastic vehicles for privacy and for legally avoiding wealth transfer or estate taxes.

International Insurance and/or Insurance Wrappers

There is no limit on how many insurance policies you can have. You can insure almost anything. And insurance is one of the best vehicles for tax advantages.

It may seem daunting at first, but it really isn't. I recommend you act NOW and obtain some Freedom Insurance before you become trapped by circumstances out of your control. We offer everything you need to obtain the best International Diversification options for you.


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